How to arrange and decorate your garden

decorate your garden

Arranging and decorating your garden, whatever its size, is as important and pleasant as embellishing your home. But what are the rules to follow? Between lighting, the development of a terrace area, relaxation or especially reserved for children, discover how to make your garden a unique space.

Eight steps to landscaping and decorating your garden

Before even thinking about landscaping and  decorating your garden ,  the first step is to carry out a major cleaning . Get rid of everything that clutters it and no longer serves you: old flower pots, worm-eaten chairs,  damaged gardening tools  , etc.

Do lawn mowing, hedge and shrub trimming . After having made them, you can finally see more clearly to consider your future development.

Create different spaces according to the size of your garden, the nature of the soil, use different materials like brass bars or copper sheets, and your desires : terrace and/or relaxation area, children’s area, water point, etc.

Arrange and decorate your garden with a terrace

You can completely build your terrace yourself  with wood  or composite   boards  or slabs, which are relatively easy to install, depending on your budget and the constraints of each species .

But even if you do not have a   hard  terrace , it is always possible to arrange a terrace area with suitable garden furniture . To make it a living space that is both pleasant and functional, opt for  garden furniture  adapted to the number of people you wish to receive.

There is no point in cluttering up the space with an oversized table and too many chairs if you will only receive a few. And  if the surface is limited, the trick is to opt for stackable or foldable garden furniture . Finally, choose a material adapted to your region, again taking into account its  maintenance constraints .

Provide a relaxation area: between hammock and deck chair

Fancy a little lazing around in the garden? The possibilities are numerous between  sun loungers ,  hammocks  or hanging chairs, in the shade of  trees ,  a large canvas stretched between two masts  or an  arbor .

Optimize the space by opting for a storage chest bench or  by transforming a low wall into a bench by adding a simple cushion . A few decorative objects add a zen, romantic or modern touch: chimes, statues, lanterns, mirrors,  birdhouses , etc. Without doing too much, at the risk of cluttering.

If space permits,  remember to also reserve a corner of the garden for children  : a small  sandbox , a table and chairs to their size, a  hut , a tipi, etc. There are many solutions to make them happy!

The storage area: think of the garden shed

A well-landscaped garden is also a tidy garden , without tools and gardening accessories lying around everywhere. For their transport, opt for a  garden trolley , practical and useful at the same time.

Depending on what you want to store in it,  you can opt for a garden chest, practical for hiding cushions or small children’s toys . Or a garden cabinet, higher and which, depending on its dimensions, can for example house a  lawnmower  or even bicycles.

Be careful though, if your  garden shed  has a surface area of ​​more than 5 m² on the ground, you will have to request a prior declaration of work . If it reaches  20 m², a building permit is required .

The water points are particularly decorative and soothing . It can be a simple  wall fountain  , a  waterfall  or even a  water basin .

Carefully choose the location of each one,  particularly in the case of a pond, so that it is neither too sunny nor too shady , and plan for good water circulation using a  pond pump  and of a filter.

Another possibility: the  swimming pool ,  from the smallest inflatable pool for children to semi-buried or buried swimming pools . Here too, it is advisable to  consult the regulations in force, which impose to meet different legal obligations  according to its location and its dimensions.

Separating or enclosing spaces

From the borders, intended to delimit a  flower bed  or the vegetable patch, to the decorative and/or occulting fence, passing through  vegetable hedges ,  choose according to the space you have . In a  small garden , the less the fences are visible, the more the space is visually enlarged.

Lighting: a decorative touch for more comfort and safety

In the garden, outdoor lighting  is both  an element of comfort and safety, but also of decoration . Between the direct lighting of the terrace with floor lamps  , wall lights or  recessed spotlights ,  the marking of the paths with softer lighting , that of the relaxation area with decorative lights such as  garlands or that of the flower beds and trees with diffuse lighting , the possibilities are almost limitless.



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