It’s time to decorate your home for fall!

decorate your home

Seasonal decoration is becoming more and more popular. Is it because we get bored quickly or because we like to follow social media trends? Probably a mix of both! After all, it is very pleasant to transform your interior into a cocoon in accordance with your mood and the mood of the moment. For example, the bright colors of summer don’t really inspire us when the leaves turn brown. This is why redecorating your interior at each change of season has become the norm.

The autumn decoration is slowly falling into place with these pretty decorative objects to transform your interior into an autumnal haven of peace!

The colors of autumn

As every year, autumn is adorned with rich and coppery colors. And those who think that this season is sad because of the grayness of the sky are completely missing its warm, cozy essence that allows us to take stock of ourselves. The sky often cries, of course, but it sometimes offers us sublime sunsets. The browned leaves color the asphalt, the clothes take on rich colors… in short, autumn is more joyful than it seems!

Fall colors are often the same: rust, brick, moss green, cloud gray, mustard, ecru, ochre, gold and burgundy. Perfect combinations for a cozy seasonal interior decoration.

fall decoration

Among the most recognizable elements of autumn, there is obviously the pumpkin. If Americans love to have it on the doorstep when Halloween and Thanksgiving arrive , in Europe, the pumpkin is gaining more and more our sympathy in the form of small candles or seasonal decorative objects.

Teapots and cups for tea and hot chocolate are gaining ground as the cold season approaches. This season’s designs are going more traditional with a return to china and Victorian florals on tableware.

A cozy decoration

Well before December, you have to think about reorganizing your interior to make it more warm and comfortable. Morale is at half mast, the fatigue of the year is felt and with the shortening of the days, we really need energy. Our prescription? Invest in an army of throws, cozy rugs and occupant curtains to make weekend mornings last!

Natural materials

Autumn is back to basics. Life rests and falls asleep little by little to be better reborn in the spring. We take the opportunity to collect pieces of decorations in harmony with nature. Wood, wicker , straw, wool… natural materials are making a comeback. The most fashionable plant of the moment? The pampas!

Dim lights

Because daylight is declining, we like to find ourselves in the reassuring cocoon of our homes. But be careful, the stronger the light, the more aggressive it is. To go with our beloved candles, the lampshades transform our living rooms and bedrooms into subdued havens of peace.



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