Tips for fighting from pests

fighting from pests

An unpleasant prospect for most people. And from a hygienic point of view, it can even be dangerous. If you don’t intervene in time, you will have to call in a professional, which could cost you dearly.

The HGX range has been specially designed to effectively control insects and pests: from flying and crawling insects in the house to mice and woodworms. You will find all the products on our page dedicated to the HGX range . We offer different tips and products for each pest below.

Tips for fighting ants

Ants are especially a problem in spring and summer. As soon as the ants find food somewhere, they invade the place. Follow our advice to fight against ants and get rid of these insects. We also offer  HGX against ants and HGX indoor ant box to fight ants in their nest.

Tips for fighting mosquitoes

fight against mosquitoes Most people agree that the mosquito is the most annoying insect in the house. Especially at night, when it keeps you up at night. We give you different tips to fight against mosquitoes . You can also use HGX against mosquitoes, flies, and moths .

Tips for fighting flies

Although flies appear harmless, they are unhygienic as they easily transmit bacteria. It is therefore normal to want to get rid of it. Discover our advice to fight against flies . And HGX against mosquitoes, flies and moths lets you get rid of them quickly.

Tips for Controlling Fruit Flies

control fruit flies Every summer it’s the same problem. When you take a piece of fruit from the basket, a swarm of fruit flies flies away… enough to spoil your appetite. Get rid of these ubiquitous little insects by following our tips for controlling fruit flies or use HGX Fruit Fly Trap , a highly effective and time-saving product.

Tips for dealing with cockroaches

Coming across a cockroach at home is unpleasant to say the least. It is also better to act without delay if you see one. Follow our advice to fight cockroaches and prevent them from invading your home. Want to get rid of these pests quickly? Use HGX against cockroaches .

Tips for dealing with mice

The mouse is the most common pest in the house. Not only does it nibble your food and soil it, but it also attacks furniture and cables, which can be dangerous. Follow our advice to fight against mice and scare away these rodents. You can also use our HGX mouse bait refills to get rid of them in a simple and clean way.

Tips for fighting fleas

fight against fleasDo you have a pet? A dog or a cat can easily catch fleas. Read our tips for fighting fleas and dealing with these jumping insects. Have you discovered fleas in your home and want to get rid of them as soon as possible? Then use HGX against fleas .

Tips for fighting moths

Mites gnaw through clothes and wreak havoc on wool, leather or fur. Moths can also infest your food. Read our advice on how to fight against moths and get rid of these rather invasive little flying insects. You can also spray our effective HGX mosquito, fly and moth spray , with a fresh scent, in areas favored by moths.

General tips for controlling insects and pests at home

Although each species of pest requires a different approach, there are tips for general control, especially against insects.

fight against mice1. Attract Them

Many insects are easy to attract. Cockroaches and silverfish, for example, are attracted to moisture, which makes it easy to trap them. Sugar is a good ally for trapping many insects, especially ants, wasps, flies and fruit flies.

Respect the environment and safety measures

Our products are safe when used correctly. On the Internet, on the other hand, some of the recommended products are harmful to humans and animals. Be careful what you use to eliminate a pest!

Tips for avoiding insects and pests at home

Many pests are active especially during the summer season. We can therefore not always avoid the presence of a wasp or a fly at home. But fortunately, there are many tricks to avoid getting invaded.


The simplest solution to avoid an invasion is to maintain your home. Prevent insects from settling in dark and dusty corners. Clean regularly. We offer effective products to make your job easier.

Store food

Many pests are attracted to food. Store your food in tightly sealed containers. If they can’t find anything to eat, the pests will be less tempted to visit your home.

Throw away the garbage and do the dishes

Do the dishes systematically or put them in the dishwasher (and close it again). Empty your trash regularly. Garbage and dirty dishes attract pests like a magnet.



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