Mistakes to Avoid When Planning an HDB Interior Design

HDB Interior Design

If you are a householder intending to renovate or design your home, the last thing you want is to be perplexed six months later by a mistake in your Singapore HDB interior design. In addition to causing you tension and concern, such a circumstance can alter the original design you had in mind or make its correction prohibitively expensive. Moreover, in interior design, a single error can lead to multiple additional issues; therefore, every effort should be made to avoid falling into this trap.

In such a situation, developing a firm plan from the outset is prudent. If you employ a professional interior designer, they can assist you with the entire planning and implementation process. They excel at bringing your interior design visions to life. However, some prevalent HDB interior design mistakes can still be avoided to prevent future problems. These various avoidable errors are discussed below.

Not Utilising Appropriate Lighting

Choosing the incorrect types of illumination for your home can have disastrous effects on the interior design as a whole. On the contrary, selecting the right lighting style can instantly transform an ordinary room into one with a wow factor. The type of illumination also communicates to the brain and body whether they should be relaxed or alert.

The lighting must be selected based on the room in which it is installed, its function, and the overarching theme of the room. For instance, a bedroom should have a warm and comfortable atmosphere, so the lighting should be warm, subdued, indirect, and recessed. Also suitable for the living room and drawing room is warm illumination. You should choose soft lighting in areas where you desire concentration and attention, such as the study, kitchen, and office. Choose direct or track lighting for areas where you wish to draw attention to a specific element. This contributes to a room’s character by effectively illuminating the appropriate features and elements.

Not Providing Enough Storage Space

Not allocating sufficient stowage space in the home is one of the worst things you can do for yourself. Regardless of how minimal you are, you will inevitably have items that must be stored for later use. This is especially true for the kitchen, where you may be compelled to construct an open-shelf minimalist kitchen. However, resist this temptation!

This kitchen may have a refined and sophisticated appearance but it is not functional. The open shelves will not be able to store as much as a traditional cabinet, and over time, all the items on the exposed shelves will collect grime and grease. You can choose from various varieties of concealed storage in the kitchen and other rooms of the house, but you should never fail to allocate sufficient storage space. Even though space is limited in an HDB, attempt to allocate sufficient stowage space.

Not Providing a Sufficient Room for Electrical Sockets

How often have you been in a situation where you wanted to connect your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or other important electrical devices, but there were insufficient electrical outlets nearby? Plan to include sufficient electrical outlets so that you do not have to wait to charge your device!

Utilising Wood in Areas with High Moisture and Humidity

Choosing the appropriate materials for the various components of a home is also crucial. For instance, in Singapore’s humid climate, you would want to avoid selecting a material susceptible to moisture and humidity damage. Solid timber is one such material used for floors and other carpentry. However, in areas of high humidity, wood does not remain the same and can be severely damaged very rapidly. Likewise, marble is a poor choice for kitchen and lavatory countertops. Due to its porosity, marble is extremely susceptible to blemishes and damage from moisture, water, and other liquids. Therefore, selecting the appropriate material from the outset is always advisable rather than incurring astronomical maintenance costs later on.



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