5 tips to clean your apartment in an hour

clean your apartment

Because we don’t always have the time and the motivation to do a big cleaning, we sometimes end up with the apartment a little messy and a kitchen not as clean as we would like. And of course, that’s when your friends decide to pay you an impromptu visit. It’s panic, you have little time left to make your apartment as presentable as possible… Don’t worry, it’s possible!

Even in times of confinement, we would like to have something else to do than tidy up and clean continuously. What if we gave ourselves an hour to clean everything up? We go to HIT: High Intensity Cleaning!

Quick cleaning tip #1: the bathroom

Prioritize what really needs cleaning! Your guests are unlikely to land in your shower so you can use a self-cleaning spray to rinse off while you take care of the toilet. Immerse an effervescent block in the flush to clean continuously and pass an anti-bacterial wipe on the bezel to refresh everything. Shake out the shower mat, sweep the broom and sponge in the sink and you’re ready for what’s next!

Quick Cleaning Tip #2: Dust

Arm yourself with a feather duster or a dust-catching wipe, put on your favorite song and go on the attack. Dance while dusting your tables, shelves and dressers. Also think about mirrors and shaking your sofa throws and cushions out the window.

Quick Cleanup Tip #3: Make Your Bed

Ideally, you should make your bed every morning after getting up. It is true that it is sometimes difficult to stick to it, but the day you decide to do your quick cleaning, know that a clean and well-made bed boosts your mood.

If you’re not one of those people who knows how or has the drive to make a spotless bed every day, invest in a cute duvet cover and some decorative pillows to throw at the head of your bed for quick and easy decorating.

Quick cleaning tip #4: Give your kitchen a makeover

For an effortlessly clean kitchen, start by removing the dishes, whether clean or dirty, from the environment. Then, wipe a damp cloth over all the surfaces, not forgetting the tiled walls and the hob. Shake out your tea towels and put them back correctly, sweep the broom and empty the trash!

Quick Cleaning Tip #5: Clean Your Floors

There’s nothing more frustrating than a tidy house with mud on the floor! You have 15 minutes left to vacuum everywhere and then a mop. If your floors are not very dirty, take advantage of this remaining moment to go through all the rooms with a garbage bag and get rid of the papers and trinkets lying around.



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