Small kitchen: 5 tips to arrange and save space

Small kitchen

Have you moved into an apartment where the kitchen is not worthy of a great chef? This is what happens when space does not allow it or the apartment has not undergone recent renovations. Whatever ! It is possible to create a pleasant, practical and attractive kitchen, even in a small space, thanks to a few essential tips to know. So what furniture should you invest in ? Should we say goodbye to its decoration? Are there elements that we will have to do without? Focus on the tips for planning a small kitchen!

Use the walls

Shelves , hanging furniture, coat hooks … When you don’t have floor space, you use your walls to declutter the room while keeping as much storage as possible. Today there are many ways to fix more or less heavy pieces in height in making a hole in the wall, if that worries you. All the more reason to declutter the floor and make the room more airy.

Tidy up

This may sound simple but it is not. In a small kitchen, any item that is out of place makes the room look sloppy. From kitchen utensils to a cutting board to your cookie jar, it’s imperative that you find a place to keep everything while keeping a clean place on the counter (otherwise, how do you expect to be able to cook? To avoid clutter in the kitchen, bring storage aids: pretty jars , baskets, bread box , pots, candy boxes … Tidying up will give you the impression of decorating.

Utensils at height

It’s not just furniture that needs to be hung. Knives, towels, ladles, sponges… Fix credenza bars to the wall to hang whatever you want and save space on your work surface. This can allow you to attach a magnetic bar for your knives or hang pots for your spoons and spatulas… The goal? Have your utensils close at hand and at eye level without taking up space on the work surface. Another tip? Do the same with the spices you use often!

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A sideboard as extra furniture

The trolley is this small piece of furniture on wheels which contains one or more floors and which can be placed in any room. Need to put dishes or utensils down when cooking? The service is there. Once you’re done, all you have to do is roll it to where there’s more room!

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Keep only the essentials

If you are moving into your first apartment, good news: you will supply yourself according to the size of your kitchen. If you change house, you will have to get rid of the superfluous. Do you really need 5 saucepans, 1 crepe maker, a wok, 5 spatulas and 3 colanders? Keep your favorite utensils , get rid of the rest!



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